Friday, January 21, 2011

Sled Riding

I usually try to write blogs that relate either to the school district specifically or education generally.  Today I am not going to follow that script.  Today I want to talk about the unadulterated fun that is involved in sled riding through the woods with your children.  We have a nice steep hill behind our house and there is a path that winds its way through it.  In the summer we use the path for walking and in the winter for sled riding.  Yesterday the path was a sheet of ice and it was great fun.  We built a “ramp” and we took turns flying off the ramp either by ourselves or with partners.  My youngest child and I went down the hill together quite a few times.  On the last trip we hit the ramp and flew at least three feet in the air and landed ten feet down the trail before crashing. (Okay, we got about an inch of “air” and landed about a foot past the ramp, but it felt like a lot more!)  I recommend that everyone invite a neighborhood elementary student to go sled riding.  You will find your inner child and have a blast.  One caution if you do this:  you will be sore the next day!

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