Monday, January 10, 2011

Board Meeting Tomorrow Night

The school Board meeting tomorrow night at the elementary cafeteria will be the opening round of building the 2011-2012 budget.  At this meeting, the Board will decide whether or not to build a “preliminary budget” What this means is that the board can make a preliminary decision to raise taxes more than the State allows (which is 1.7 mills). If they make that decision, then the meeting for the preliminary budget will be publically announced and the budget scrutinized.  The school board will then work throughout the Spring to create a budget that will meet the long term goals of the school district while at the same time preserving its financial sustainability. The final budget will be approved in June. I know that this Board is very dedicated to both the providing the best for the children while also keeping a close eye on the tax burden for the community members.  I will blog about the specifics of the budget and the budget process in the next few blogs.  I hope that these blogs will allow the community to understand the budget (and the process), and to increase the transparency of the budgeting process.  As always, please contact me through this blog or through our web site with any questions.

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