Monday, December 13, 2010

Unsung Heroes of the School District

I would like to write about all of the people in the school district that keeps things running in the background.  Truly, if it was not for the custodians, secretaries, aids, kitchen staff, maintenance men and contracted bus drivers this district would not be able to function.  I was told by a wise professor when I graduated from Penn State in 1991 that there are two people that I must get to know when I started my first job.  I expected him to say that I should get to know the principal and superintendent.  However, he told me that the two most important people in most schools is the head custodian and the office secretary because they know what is really going on in the schools.  I know that I learn an incredible amount of important things about the buildings and the students through conversations with all of the support staff.  I have also experienced how my own children react when they see a custodian or someone else outside of school…they go running to them and want to give them a hug!  We have great people that work for this district and I am proud of the job that our support staff does for our children.

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