Monday, July 19, 2010

Rough Draft of the School District's New Web Page

I am very excited about some of the initiatives that the school district will have in place for the upcoming school year. The one I will discuss today revolves around the school district's efforts to better communicate with the community. To step back a little bit, one of the five year non-negotiable goals that the school Board created during the last school year was to "better communicate achievement progress with all stakeholders". In an effort to meet this goal, the school district has identified its web page as one area of needed improvement. There are many times when the school district has received feedback that the web page needs to be more robust and have more information. With that in mind, I am pleased to give you a "sneak peak" into a very rough draft of what the new web site will look like. This web page will not be active for another month (until then the old web site will be used), but I wanted to share with you the new look of the web page. The rough draft of the page does not have some of the parts the final product will have; for instance, the final page will have a scrolling banner and many more links for information. However, I thought that you may like to see the general overview of the new page.

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