Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where do we go from here?

I have been reading a lot about some of the challenges that schools in other states are facing.  The economic picture looks bleak regarding state funding in those states.  This is forcing scools to make increasingly tough decisions regarding programs and staffing.  Pennsylvania schools will not be immune to this trend.  Unles the State can find a spare 600 million dollars to provide level funding for schools, then Pennsylvania schools and communities will face hardships.  I foresee some tough times ahead.  We can approach these tough times in two ways: with a poor attitude or with a good attitude.  I know that school districts will have to fundamentally change how we provide education to survive.  I believe Ridgway will not only survive this process, but the district will thrive.  Our students will be better served after we go through the process.  I will have more on this topic later.

Forgive the typos...this is my first mobile blog.  Typing on a cell phone is not easy!

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